How Healthy Is Your Volunteer Team?

Welcome to your How Healthy Is Your Volunteer Team?


Do you experience high turnover? (People leaving the team regularly)


Do team members seem engaged mentally? (When team members serve are they happy, interactive, and thoughtful? Are they there physically and mentally?)


Is there Silo Mentality? (People tend to use "I" instead of "we" or "us")


Do there seem to be a lot of disagreements/issues between team members? (Issues that you as the Leader need to step in and solve?)


Do one or two team members do more than 80% of the work? (Is there a workload imbalance?)


Is there a sense of ownership? (Do team members take on projects as if they have a stake in the organization and want it to succeed?)


Is there a lot of miscommunication? (Do people complain "I didn't know" or "I never heard about that"?)

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