We’re nearing the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean work slows down. For most Volunteer Managers, the year-end is a busy time. Running reports, holding annual appreciation events, and planning for the following year. Tasks pile up quickly. 

How do you get everything done while still enjoying the season? Two words: Prioritizing Tasks. 

You might not get everything done before you head out for some well-deserved days off. That’s okay. Instead of stressing out about it, lean into the fact. Some items will need to be put off until later. But if you prioritize your task list right, those things won’t be a big deal. 

Create A Task List. 

Use The 4 Ds Of Time Management. 

Do The Most Difficult Task First. 

Lean Into Possible Defeat. 

Time is limited. You might not get a chance to cross off every item on your task list. You need to be okay with that. You need to recognize that not completing an item or deferring it to a later date is not a failure. It’s prioritizing. Putting unrealistic expectations on ourselves is harmful. Not only to our personal well-being but to our checklist as well. The more you try to get things done quickly, the greater the risk that things won’t get done well. Give yourself grace. Do your best to prioritize what items will have the greatest impact and carefully work through what you need to do. You will see positive results when you focus on the important stuff. 


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