I passed a friend in the hallway of my church on Sunday, and I nearly fell over laughing. He had attended a conference over the weekend and was decked out head to foot in branding from that event. He was wearing a hat, a jacket, and a t-shirt. If you didn’t know before, now you did. He had been a part of that conference. And he was proud of it. 

You see it in sports the day after a big win. Team shirts, hats, and jackets appear in full force. People are proud of their team, and they want to show it. They wear the apparel proudly because they want you to know they are a part of something special. They are claiming the win as their own. 

Now, imagine having volunteers like that. Picture your team sporting a t-shirt, sweater, or hat with your logo. Envision them posting on their social media about your company’s big win. What if your team was so fanatical about your organization that they acted like living advertisements? 

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