If you’re anything like me, just the word “networking” can send shivers down your spine.

Networking just might conjure up images of strangers crammed into a room with no seating, awkwardly juggling a cocktail napkin loaded with Vienna sausages and a plastic cup of water while they try to pass out business cards. Yikes!

But it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. If done right, networking is a GREAT chance to CONNECT with people and get big jobs done.

In this episode of the Leadership U podcast, I’m joined by networking extraordinaire, Lester Rector.

From his background working at Walt Disney World, to his successful career as a recording artist, Pastor, author, and now director of  Outreach Groups and Campus Chaplin at the University of Mt. Olive, Lester has learned the value of connecting with people.

In the podcast, Lester offers practical tips to get over the fear of networking and quickly connect with people.

You can follow Lester’s current work at the University of Mt. Olive by keeping up with his a cappella group Carolina Sound

Enjoy the show!