Ongoing learning makes you innovative, helps you adapt to change better, keeps you informed, and can lead to more opportunities. It can make you a better leader, help you stay competitive in the job market, and increases your capacity to learn other things. 

How do you create a culture that makes ongoing learning a focus? 

Learn And Watch Your Team Learn. 

Leaders who prioritize learning tend to have a team who also makes it a priority. Why? Because team members follow their leader’s well, lead. Your followers are watching how you invest your time. They are paying attention to your behaviors. When they see you make continuous learning a habit, they will begin to do the same. They will start to follow corporate practices as they spend more time with you and the organization. If your organization values learning, it will naturally trickle down through the hierarchy. If learning is important to you, you will also make a point to invest in your team’s education. 

Put An End To Boring Learning. 


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