23 Mar 2020 | 3 min read


We are living in unprecedented times. 

Now, more than ever, people are searching for answers. And their eyes are on the church. 

The church should be more than just a building. It’s not a physical location. Or even an online platform. If we focus too much on filling our churches (physical or virtual), we might just miss this critical point.

We are the church. 

As the church, we are called to offer the hope, relationship, structure, purpose, and compassion the world desperately needs. It’s time for us to step up and be the church. Here’s how. 


Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God (Matt 4:23). There is no hope greater than the promise of an eternity with Jesus. 


Our directive as Christians? Love God and love people (Luke 10:27). Be a friend and show genuine care for the people God has entrusted to you. 


Help others grow in their faith, trust in the Lord, and study their Bibles (2 Tim 3:16-17). Spiritual disciplines keep us grounded in our faith and steady when storms shake our world. 


We are each God’s craftmanship, created to do good works (Eph 2:10). Help people find purpose and direction in the middle of uncertainty. Guide them in setting achievable goals and discovering meaning by serving others. 


Offer practical help. Show God’s love and mercy by praying for those who need healing or deliverance, feeding the hungry, and extending aid (Matt 9:35-37).  

God has called us to be faithful stewards of everything that He has given us. That means everyone and everything in our hands and within our reach, starting with people and then resources.

To put it simply, we’re to be faithful in the little things (Luke 16:10).

Whatever that looks like for you. Calling your neighbors. Bringing someone a meal or encouraging a friend through a text message. Then, once you’ve reached those physically near you, extend your circle of influence further. If you can’t see them, call, text, and connect with them on social media. 

As leaders, our followers are watching what we do and how we respond during crises. We have to lead through our actions. 

What does this look like on a practical level? Go through your contacts on your phone or hop on social media. It can be as easy as typing out three short sentences. “Hey, I’m praying for you and your family during this time. Let me know if you need anything. Love you.” 

That’s it. Then, follow up. Pray, share an encouraging verse, offer hope, and if they need help – do something. 

It’s time to take action and be more than a building. 

Let’s be the church. 

Here at Volunteer U, we’re passionate about helping volunteer teams thrive. Your organization is doing important work. You deserve to have an incredible crew behind you to get the job done. Jim is a Pastor working with Volunteers, Senior Adults, Help Groups, and Leadership Teams at a church in Orlando, Florida. Email the author info@volunteeru.org.