Getting Attention in a Noisy World

It’s pretty noisy out there.

Marketing experts say that most Americans are exposed to at least 4,000 ads every day. Organizations are continually competing for our attention. Brands are everywhere we look, shouting messages to our subconscious without us even noticing.

To adjust to the constant barrage of images and ads, most of us have become desensitized to them. We glaze over when commercials pop up on our screens, ignore banners tailored to us online, and hardly notice the t-shirts and caps promoting x-brand or y-organization streaming passed us on our commute.

In such a loud environment, how do you make your organization stand out as a fun and fulfilling place to volunteer?

1. Be true to your values. People are drawn to organizations who share their passions. If you are out there doing what you love, trust me…people will find you. Don’t get distracted by fads or gimmicks, when you focus on who you are and what you believe in, and the right people will naturally catch the vision and join. The added benefit is that you won’t attract people who aren’t interested. You’ll have an army of individuals who are just as excited about your mission as you are. 

2. Focus on your uniqueness. There’s a reason you’re in business. You’re good at what you do. Even if there are others similar to you in your community, you have a particular way of doing things. Focus on the areas that make you stand out from the crowd and highlight those strengths to your audience.

3. Be interactive. Social media gives us a direct channel to potential volunteers. It takes some time, but having a strong presence online will keep you at the front of people’s mind, which is precisely where we want to be. They might not be ready to serve now, but when they are ready, we want our organization to be the first place they think of serving. Interacting online is more than just posting pictures and inspiring messages. It’s important to build relationships. Liking follower’s posts, commenting, and even sending direct messages will help you authentically connect with your audience.

4. Show what you do. It’s not enough to tell people what your organization does. We’ve become desensitized to words, and it’s easy to drown out someone talking about a good cause. Visuals stimulate people. Videos, GIFs, and images are taking their place in modern communication. Research shows that video will represent more than 81% of all consumer Web traffic by 2021. There’s no better way to express your brand than by showing people exactly what it is you do.



Christina Angelakos has a doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University. She loves working with teams in both the corporate and nonprofit marketplace. Follow her on Twitter @ChristinaAngel

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