7 March 2023 | 2 min read


We will look at high-performing teams’ traits in the next few weeks. We want to discover what makes one team perform better than others. Why do some groups seem to work so powerfully in sync? What does a team need to function at its highest level? 


There is a reason some crews outperform their counterparts. They have specific qualities that lend themselves to success. The first trait of high-performing teams we’ll examine is the idea of a Group-First Mentality. 


What is a group-first mentality? There is a focus on the collective instead of the individual. And the team is more interested in getting the job done than looking good themself. Let’s investigate how teams move into group-first mentality mode. 


Team members serve others. 

High-performing teams are always serving others. They function so well together that they can accomplish difficult tasks without straining their synergy. Because they are so efficient, they are not only performing their jobs. They are looking for ways to serve those around them. Whether that is their fellow teammates, leaders, followers, or guests, they are eager to humble themselves and help. From picking up trash to running errands for a sick team member, no task is too tiny or undignified. Serving is their pleasure. It’s second nature. Team members care about the team, not just about the success of the mission.


There are no egos. 

Team members of high-performing crews care more about the overall goal than their personal agenda. It’s not about doing it their way or getting props for their work. The entire focus is on the big picture. Team members are in it to have the mission succeed. That means they will do whatever is necessary to help complete tasks. Whether the work is done their way or not. High-performing teams are ego-free. 


Each member knows their role. 

This is important because, as part of a group, if one member doesn’t participate, it can cause serious issues. In sports, every teammate has a position to play. If someone isn’tisn’t in their spot, the defense will be compromised, allowing the opposing team to score. Members move together in unison because of hours of practice. They all know their role and cover their spot with dedication. The same goes for solid teams with a group-first mentality. They are dedicated to the team and want to win. So they practice working together, and when it’s crunch time, they are ready to perform as one.