28 Mar 2023 | 2 min read


Commitment should be an evident quality for any team, but this is not always the case. A lot of units suffer because members are inconsistent in their service. Commitment is based on keeping your word. Once you sign up for something, you should be all in. That doesn’t mean you can’t take breaks or miss a day or two. It means when you need a break, you let your team know. You are committed. So you don’t want to leave the group in the lurch. You care about their success even when you aren’t there. Commitment is all about persistence, perseverance, and patience. You keep at it no matter how you feel at that particular moment. You’re all in, and whatever is needed for the good of the team, you’re going to do it.


High-performing teams have members who think this way. So how do we encourage commitment with our team?


Make each member feel valued. 

Making crew members feel valued is more than just expressing your gratitude or encouraging their efforts (although that is very important!). It’s about making them feel they are a crucial part of the team. Give them input and ownership. Empower them. Let them make decisions, share their opinions, and work through obstacles as a team. When you do thank them, make sure it is authentic, specific, and contagious. Commitment rises when your team feels valued. 


Stay focused on the vision. 

Shared values and goals will bond people to your organization. Make sure to always go back to the root of why you do what you do. Rehash vision constantly. Keep your team focused on the main thing. It will remind people of why they felt invested in the first place. An emotion-focused affective commitment (the emotional bond a person feels with your organization) can deepen with shared values and vision


Concentrate on relationship building. 

People may come for your vision but will stay because of relationships. The more deeply established people feel with other members, the greater their commitment to your organization. It’s easier to get people to show up when they get to spend time around people they like. It may also increase your attendance rates, as people are less likely to bail or let down their friends than they are an organization. When you make it about relationships, commitment occurs naturally. 


Celebrate wins together. 

Even the most dedicated team member will feel discouraged at some point in their journey with you. Make a habit of celebrating big and small wins together as a team. Your crew will feel more invested as they see they contribute (even indirectly) toward accomplishing a goal.