Get ready. Your volunteer team is about to get kick-started into a high-performance machine. Volunteer U LAUNCH is a complete digital kit that will help you IDENTIFY your dream team, RECRUIT new members, TRAIN them using a proven system, ENCOURAGE your team to thrive, and RESOURCE them to long-term growth.

Your LAUNCH kit includes these reproducible materials:

  • Strategy Guide
  • Planning Calendar
  • 5 Training Videos
  • Facilitator’s Workbook
  • Participant Workbook
  • Presentation Slides
  • Certificates

Start now. Everything you need is included. Download your LAUNCH kit and get instant access to the tools to create the dream team you’ve always wanted.

Welcome Message

Hi! Welcome to the Volunteer U Launch Kit. 

We’re so excited you have taken the first step to get your team up and running at max productivity. 

My name is Christina and I’ll be your guide for the video course. 

At Volunteer U we are fanatic about seeing teams operate at their full potential so that their organization can thrive. We want to help you build a consistent and effective system that encourages current volunteers and indoctrinates new volunteers into your organization`s culture. 

Here’s how to use the Launch Kit. 

Your first step is to download all of the extra content that come with the video series. There are a total of six downloads:

  • Strategy Guide
  • Progress Chart
  • Facilitator’s Workbook
  • Participant Workbook
  • Presentation Slides 
  • Certificates

The LAUNCH kit STRATEGY GUIDE will be your notebook for the video series. So before you start the next video, make sure you have that printed and ready. 

There is a video for each section of the guide. The videos are short and to the point. At the beginning of each section of the strategy guide, it will ask you to play a video. That’s your cue to play the next lesson. 

Read and follow along with the Strategy Guide. And make sure you take the time to fill in the all the blanks and the PUT IT INTO PRACTICE sections of the booklet.  

These are important because they will help you create a personalized strategy for your team. 

The rest of the downloads can be used after you watch the videos and complete the Strategy Guide. Those are your tools to train your team, which we’ll talk more about in video three. 

Now, get ready to LAUNCH your volunteer team into high-gear. 

Let’s get started!


Welcome to IDENTIFY.

In this section, we’re talking about how to Identify the perfect volunteers for your team.


The recruitment process is where a lot of leaders seem to get overwhelmed. We want to make this step as easy on you as possible. So we broke the system down into three manageable pieces. 

  1. Reach your target audience. 
  2. Make the request. 
  3. Create a plan to keep recruiting throughout the year. 

Let’s get down to recruiting those star volunteers. 


Why do we care so much about training? Because a well-trained volunteer team can revolutionize your organization. 

Why? If your volunteers are properly trained. THEY take care of your guests. One bad experience with a volunteer can ruin a guest`s image of your organization. You can`t afford ill-equipped volunteers. 

Volunteers help create a better experience for guests, and eventually, guests may turn into`s a chicken and egg situation. But fantastic volunteers don`t just magically appear overnight. It takes work. 


A big issue for organizations with volunteers is keeping them. Businesses call this retention and it can be a big problem, especially after you have invested so much time identifying, recruiting, and training your team. 

The solution?

Turn your team into raving fans of your organization who can’t even imagine not being involved. 

How do we move our team from engaged to fanatical? The key is to plan and be prepared to invest in your group.

At Volunteer U we’ve found one of the best practices for retaining volunteers is to speak to them in their own “language.” 


Welcome to our final video in the series, where we talk about RESOURCING your team. 

We’ve learned to IDENTIFY who our star volunteers are, and we have a plan to RECRUIT them, are prepared to TRAIN them, and have a strategy to ENCOURAGE them. 

Now, it’s time for the final step in the Volunteer U process. It’s time to RESOURCE them. During the resource stage, we focus on releasing team members to take what they’ve learned so far and replicate it. 

We have invested in the team and are now prepared to let them take that knowledge, experience, and training, and put it to work. 

A: Yes, all the videos are accessible to you after purchase for as long as you need them.
A: YES! As a Volunteer U Campus, all downloadable content is yours to reproduce and use over and over again. Once you download the materials, they are free for you to use to train your team. Whether you print one copy or one thousand, they are yours to use.
A: This resource is for any church, nonprofit, or organization with a volunteer team who is ready to intentionally grow and unite their team.
A: Volunteer U’s LAUNCH is a full kit with everything you’ll need to take your team to the next level. Instantly download and access all the content so you can get started right away.
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