Serving Your Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our world is experiencing a global pandemic.

But in the middle of the darkness, hope shines the brightest. In addition to the brave men and women who serve in hospitals and care facilities, we see people coming together to fight sickness and offer support to their community.

People have reached out to us at Volunteer U to see how they can aid their neighbors. If you’re curious how you can serve during the COVID-19 epidemic, below are a few ideas to get started.

10 Volunteer Management Myths

Volunteering is a rewarding experience. Managing volunteers can be just as satisfying. But anyone who has worked with volunteers understands that the process is not always what it appears. It’s time for Volunteer Managers to skip the baloney and squash these myths about volunteering for good.

HOW TO: Identify your Dream Volunteer Team

The first step we talk about at Volunteer U is to IDENTIFY your team. What does it mean to identify your team? We’re asking you to take time to think about who your dream volunteer would be and how they would behave. In the IDENTIFY stage, you get to figure out who would be an excellent fit to serve your organization (and just as importantly, who would not be a good fit).