How to fire a volunteer

Not everyone will be a good fit for your organization or in a specific volunteer role in your organization. If the writing is on the wall and you need to fire a volunteer, it’s best to get it done quickly. Below are tips on the best way to transition a volunteer out of their role.

Supporting Your Leader

Being a good follower isn’t always easy. Followers don’t always have the advantage of following a good leader. Leaders are human and can make bad choices, have poor leadership skills, and even just be a jerk. But regardless of whether a leader is good or bad, it’s up to the follower how they will respond.

Back to Basics – #7 Turning Volunteers into Brand Ambassadors

We’re in the final week of our Back to Basics series here at Volunteer U, and today, we’re talking about using volunteers for their full potential. Mainly by turning volunteers into brand ambassadors. Fanatical volunteers not only serve your team with excitement but eventually, they turn into megaphones for your brand. These volunteers share their experiences with friends, family, and anyone who will listen.