We are living in unprecedented times. Now, more than ever, people are searching for answers. And their eyes are on the church. The church should more than just a building. It’s not a physical location. Or even an online platform. We are the church.

10 Volunteer Management Myths

Volunteering is a rewarding experience. Managing volunteers can be just as satisfying. But anyone who has worked with volunteers understands that the process is not always what it appears. It’s time for Volunteer Managers to skip the baloney and squash these myths about volunteering for good.

The Art of Making Friends

There are many reasons why friend-making seems so much harder in the adult world. Whether you’re coming off a big move, going through a career change, or just interested in expanding your network, what seemed simple as a child might feel like a daunting task as a grown-up. But making friends is just as important as an adult as it was those days back on the playground.

Generation Z and Volunteering

With all the talk of volunteering trends in this new decade, Volunteer Managers are turning their attention to the latest members to join their teams. Yep, we’re talking about the elusive Generation Z. There are plenty of ways to connect with this elusive cohort. You just need to know how to talk their language.