15 June 2021 | 2 min read


We’re in week two of our Building a Culture that Builds Leaders series, and today, we’re talking about GIVING CHANCES. Last week we addressed CELEBRATING FAILURE and how a safe-to-fail environment allows potential leaders to stretch themselves and move beyond their current capabilities. Today, we’ll focus on how giving chances to future leaders can build their confidence and set your organization on a cycle of leadership development. 

Keep Boredom At Bay

One study showed that 33% of employees who leave their jobs cite “boredom” and the need for more “challenge” as a significant factor for their switch. Giving volunteers opportunities to stretch their leadership muscles can also help with retention. Win-win. 

Opportunities For Growth Are Important To All Generations. 

Research suggests that offering development and training would keep 86% of Millennials from leaving their current jobs, and 67% of Millenials will go if their job lacks growth opportunities and leadership development tracks. This emotion isn’t unique to the Millenial generation. Creating growth for your team is essential for all ages. 

Giving Chances Builds Your Team’s Confidence. 

Forbes suggests assigning projects that are challenging yet attainable to boost the confidence of your team. Offering potential leaders the chance to lead can prove to them that they can tackle bigger hurdles. But according to Forbes, you must express encouragement and praise their efforts along the way. 

Create Small Victories. 

Some people will be afraid to jump into a leadership role. That’s why designing “small wins” to encourage people along the way is vital. 

Giving Chances Is Cyclical.

Leaders who have been given chances give chances. As you offer opportunities to potential leaders, chances are they will return the favor to upcoming team members in the future. 

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