7 July 2021 | 2 min read

Building a Culture that Builds Leaders - Creating Controlled Conflict

Last week in the Building a Culture that Builds Leaders series, we talked about MAKING ODD PAIRINGS. This naturally leads into today’s topic CREATING CONTROLLED CONFLICT. It can be uncomfortable, but conflict is a great way for leaders and their teams to grow. Leaders face conflict regularly. There’s nothing that will prepare your prospective leaders for their future other than creating a safe, controlled environment for them to experience (and attempt to solve) conflict. Below are a few tips for creating controlled conflict for your leaders. 


Expose Conflict Right Away

Most people tend to ignore undertones of conflict, hoping it will disappear or resolve naturally. But according to an Ohio State article, leaving conflict untouched to fester and grow can be extremely damaging further down the line. 


Make Sure Your Team Feels Psychologically Safe

We talked about this feeling of safety in our first post in the series CELEBRATING FAILURE. It’s crucial to establish a culture where team members respect and value each other so even when there is conflict and the moment gets uncomfortable, people still don’t feel afraid. In this Insights article, they call it creating the right environment for healthy conflict. 


Be Ready To Step In

Conflict is a tough hurdle for new leaders. Because of the discomfort level and uncertainty involved, first-time leaders may not get it right on their initial try. That’s okay. Be ready to step in if needed to diffuse the situation and remember to use it as a teaching opportunity. 


Look For Deeper Issues

Sometimes conflict stirs up deeper personal issues. Leaders need to be prepared to help, even if it means bringing in outside resources. 


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