02 June 2021 | 2 min read


We’re in the final week of our Back to Basics series here at Volunteer U, and today, we’re talking about using volunteers for their full potential. Mainly by turning volunteers into brand ambassadors. Fanatical volunteers not only serve your team with excitement but eventually, they turn into megaphones for your brand. These volunteers share their experiences with friends, family, and anyone who will listen. 


At Volunteer U, we call these star volunteers ambassadors. Here are four tips to turn your current volunteer team into a fanatical ambassador sales force. 


1) Stress the mission, not the tasks.
We talked about shouting your values in week one of our Back to Basics series. There’s a reason people connect with your “why”. Engaged employees are more likely to agree with your company’s vision. Volunteers who are focused on organizational vision instead of mired down with the daily tasks can clearly articulate why they love the brand. 


2) Plant “seeds.”
According to a Forbes article, getting people to an extreme level of engagement with your brand doesn’t have to be a complicated process; it just takes a little strategy. To get an enthusiastic fan base, try “seeding” your team with high-level, engaged volunteers. These star team members tend to infect other members with their enthusiasm.


3) Create a sense of pride.
Ambassadors know they are a part of something bigger than themselves. They are proud of the brand they work with and vocally support the mission, which turns them into a viral sales force. Fanatical volunteers can’t help but recruit others. They want everyone to have a chance to be a part of what’s happening. 


4) Build tribe mentality.
Think of your middle-school cafeteria. The moment you’re friends waved you over to sit. You were automatically a part of inside jokes and felt a sense of inclusion. It’s a beautiful feeling. That’s why tribe mentality is so strong. When people are accepted and feel they belong, they are more inclined to develop strong emotional bonds with your brand. Strong emotional bonds lead to repeat volunteering and ambassador behaviors where they begin to recruit other team members themselves. Science proves that a sense of belonging can create repeat business. If that’s the case, can’t the same feelings of acceptance lead to volunteers who are loyal and passionate about your brand?