Passing the Baton

As leaders, one of our top priorities should be preparing the next generation of leaders coming up behind us. Even if you plan to stay in your current role for many years, you should emphasize succession planning. Why? You never know what the future holds. Job descriptions shift, teams dismantle, people change companies, family obligations come up – life happens. Plus, as you train others to replace you, you open new opportunities for yourself. You might even free yourself up to take on greater leadership responsibilities.

How to fire a volunteer

Not everyone will be a good fit for your organization or in a specific volunteer role in your organization. If the writing is on the wall and you need to fire a volunteer, it’s best to get it done quickly. Below are tips on the best way to transition a volunteer out of their role.

Supporting Your Leader

Being a good follower isn’t always easy. Followers don’t always have the advantage of following a good leader. Leaders are human and can make bad choices, have poor leadership skills, and even just be a jerk. But regardless of whether a leader is good or bad, it’s up to the follower how they will respond.

End of Year Focus – Leadership Development

As nonprofits start focusing on end-of-year donations, it can be easy to lessen attention on volunteerism. But these next few months will play a vital role in how your organization handles volunteers in the upcoming year. Right now, organizations are struggling to recruit and retain volunteers.

The answer to this volunteer problem? Two words: LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. 

6 More Volunteer Trends to Watch in 2022

Back in 2019, we predicted six volunteer trends that would make waves in 2020 and beyond. While those trends are still accurate, we see some new and exciting innovations on the horizon. Volunteerism has taken a hard hit coming out of this global pandemic, but there’s hope! Here are six more volunteer trends that we see for 2022 and ahead.