Over the years, cliques have developed a bad rap for bringing out the worst in people and making others feel small. While it’s true that in the playground, high-school, or work setting, a clique can be harmful; if appropriately handled, cliques can have some positive advantages for your volunteer team.

Everything Volunteer Managers Need To Know To Have A Successful Remote Team

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about off-campus volunteering here at Volunteer U lately. From the rise of the virtual volunteer to virtual team building, we’ve been covering the basics of keeping an online workforce in peak performance. But a lot of you still had questions about distance volunteering, so today, we’re breaking down everything volunteer managers need to know to have a successful remote volunteer team. Ready to kick-off a stellar remote volunteer team? Download our free Remote Volunteer Team Launch Check-List PDF. 

The Rise of the Virtual Volunteer

The pandemic may have brought difficult challenges, but it has also introduced innovative ideas and new ways to get the job done. Remote work has exploded on the scene, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. It’s time for volunteer managers to take advantage. Here are four ways to stay ahead of the virtual volunteer trend.

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