About Us

Welcome To Volunteer U

Here at Volunteer University we are passionate about helping YOUR organization raise up INCREDIBLE volunteer teams. Our goal is to help you come up with an easy strategy to IDENTIFY, RECRUIT, TRAIN, ENCOURAGE and RESOURCE your team. You do important work. Let us help you build your dream volunteer team who work with you to get the job done. 

Who Are We

A group of fanatically passionate people who love churches, nonprofits, and organizations who are making this world a better place. 

Our Mission

To help you build your dream volunteer team so you can focus on the important stuff like changing the world.  

What We Do

We give you the tools to develop a vibrant and healthy volunteer team…all from the comfort of wherever you call your office / workspace.

Our History

It all started at our home church. We realized even though volunteers were being taken through an orientation, the volunteer program was lagging. We started to wonder what a vibrant, on-fire, group of volunteers would look like, so we started to ask a lot of questions. After research and some trial-and-error, we came up with Volunteer U. Now, we’re here to help any organization who uses volunteers to help their team thrive by using the same model. 

Our 6-Step Process


How do you find the right people to help you change the world? We teach you how to IDENTIFY your dream team and filter out those who aren’t a good fit for your organization. 


Once you have a snapshot of your ideal volunteer we will help you come up with an intentional strategy to get those star players to join your team. 


You want volunteers who will make your organization shine. That’s why it is so important to TRAIN your team with your basics: company history, culture, values, and needed technical skills. 


You are responsible for the continued growth and emothional health of your team. Make sure they know you value them by scheduling thanks, offering continued growth opportunities, and investing back into their development. 


Offer your team opportunities to take on more responsiblity and leadership roles. Ultimately your goal should be to develop fantastic future leaders who add value to any organization they work with in the future. 


Volunteer management is hard work. We’ll help you design a strategy to take some of the pressure off and make the process much simpler. 

Why Volunteer U?

Whether you are running a team of 5 or 5,000 we can help you design a strategy to keep new members coming in.

Volunteer managers know how tricky it can be to provide consistent, excellent service to guests. We’ll help you train your team to provide stellar service every time. 

Every organization and volunteer team is different. We offer practical advice and standard practices from our experiences with nonprofits and churches. Use what will work for your team and leave the rest.

We’ll help you take current team members and turn them into star performing leaders.

Valuing volunteers doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ll equip you with easy to implement techniques to keep your team happy and operating at peak efficiency.