Month: March 2019

Nice Ways to Say “NO”

There might be many different fears coaxing us into us saying, “Yes” when we’d much rather say “No.” The fear of conflict, fear of disappointing others, fear of missing out…the list goes on and on. Whatever the reason, boundaries are needed to help us reply to others without the attached feelings of guilt, remorse, loss, or anger.

Just Show Up

The sun had already set as I opened the school door to head to my car. After a full day of teaching, I had spent the last two and a half hours tutoring, sending emails, making copies, and grading papers. My fingers were stained with red ink and there was a drying ball of play-doh in my pocket. I was beat. 

Transparent Leadership

On our leadership podcast, we recently spoke with Matt Perkins from The Family Blend. After losing his wife of over 20 years to cancer, Matt found himself in a position of leading while walking through grief. He was responsible for leading musicians, singers, volunteers, and employees, in addition to caring for his two teenage daughters. Life hit hard, and he was forced to lead from a posture of brokenness.

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